Auburn in the 1960s

footballFreshmen could not play on the varsity teams. (example: Pat Sullivan)

footballCollege football teams could be shown on TV only once a year. (Plus a bowl game if lucky.)

football The term “Iron Bowl” had not been adopted. We used other four-letter words.

football Aubie was just a reporter's pen-and-ink drawing, not an official mascot.

football Auburn’s home games against Tennessee, Georgia Tech, and Bama were played at Legion Field.

football Men wore sport coats and ties to games and bought corsages for their dates.

AUThis logo had not been adopted. A band member painted his bass drum like this, and it caught on.

basketball Any male student who brought a woman to The Barn for a basketball game got picked up by the crowd and passed above the other spectators by hand, all the way around the court. His date was untouched during his trip.

sundress Women were required to wear skirts or dresses at all times except when on the way to gym class, when they had to wear raincoats over their gym clothes.

football Undergraduate women had to live in campus dorms and had curfew every night. Men lived without rules.

flag Draft deferments were more important than parking spaces.

And by the way

football At Legion Field Bama leads 32-15
Elsewhere Auburn leads 20-12-1

War Eagle!