California Often Amazes
But Sometimes It Just Differs

49-State California Elsewhere
In 49 states, an emergency EXIT sign is red. This seems to work okay. California requires green emergency EXIT signs for all new construction and remodeling. I hope this isn't confusing.

In 49 states, this emergency sign seems clear enough.

In California, the sign has to say this, verbatim.

In 49 states, a highway milepost can be read at highway speeds.
California's roadside markers are much more informative. This one, for example, is for US 101 in Humboldt County, 144.44 miles from the county line. Of course, you have now run off the road, since you tilted your head sideways to try to read the distance marker while driving 55 miles per hour. But you know precisely where you died.
Traffic light (animation)

Elsewhere, a pedestrian "Don't Walk" signal is red and a "Walk" signal is green.

In San Francisco, pedestrians do not get a green light.